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Custom Retail Cardboard Dump Bin For Kids Toy Retail

Creativity: Drawer style, more upscale appearance with wire drawing Size: 335 * 255 * 145MM Craft: Hot silver Material: Fabric: Brushed leather jacket: Rubber embryo lining: Imitation microfiber Accessories: Handle Usage: Medical beauty products, skincare products, cosmetics storage, etc

Custom Pos Cardboard display dump bin for magazine retail

Creative: Eco friendly gift box Size: Process: Imprint+Hot Rose Gold Material: Fabric: PU leather jacket: Plastic lining: Fleece Accessories: Champagne oil spray paper, EVA, etc Purpose: Storage box

Cardboard Dump Bin Display Stand For Clothes Retail

Product Name: 3D Stereo UV Drawer Carton Size: 225 * 151 * 63mm Material: Fabric: Printing+tactile film Interlayer: paper jam Inner lining: black card LOGO process: UV+bump Welcome to customize and consult with pictures and samples Usage: Gift box packaging, holiday gift boxes, holiday gifts, etc